From Chinese mythology, in the beginning the universe was an egg. It hatched open and the top of the egg became the sky, the bottom became the Earth. P'an-Ku hatched from the egg, and each day he grew 3 meters (10 feet) taller, and the sky became 3 meters (10 feet) higher and the Earth 3 meters (10 feet) thicker. This went on for 18,000 years, then P'an-ku died. His body split into many parts. His head became the Sun and Moon, his blood made the seas and rivers, his hair created the forests, his sweat made the rain, his breath became the wind, his voice is the thunder and his fleas were the ancestors of mankind. This must be a true story because I know people who are flea brained, or blood sucking (lawyers).

The writer's dictionary of science fiction, fantasy, horror and mythology. 2014.

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